Dubai Tour and Safari Packages - A Perfect Guide


If you are planning to go on vacation in Dubai then book your ticket as soon as possible to get a huge discount because this is the time for travelling and the demand for tours is very high.

So if you are planning your tour to Dubai then don't delay your decision if you don't want to lose on the discount you will be getting.

Just start packing and book your ticket for the Dubai tour and Safari packages and get the adventure going.

Thinking about this amazing journey gives an adrenaline rush to the body. Imagine yourself gliding through the golden sand by sandboarding, dune bashing around the desert on monster sumo.

If you want to make this a reality then this is the time you can make all these possible.

There are different types of Dubai tour and Safari packages available to choose from that provide you with different options on different packages.

Some packages include a large group of people to go with which is preferred if you are alone or in a couple on this tour.

If you are travelling with your family then a small Safari tour package will be good for your family which will include all the main features and you will be able to enjoy it all with your family.

On an average, all packages include at least four hours of outdoor adventure trip and in addition to morning adventure of camel riding, dunes bashing, sandboarding and quad bike riding the package also include Pictures with Arabian Eagles, Belly Dance & Arabian Tanoura Dance and also include Stickman Show & Fire Show.

Your package might vary depending on the timing. The most popular packages are:

  •  <!--[endif]-->Morning Desert Safari
  •  <!--[endif]-->Evening Desert Safari
  •  <!--[endif]-->Overnight Desert Safari, and
  •  <!--[endif]-->Dune Bashing Tour

As the name suggests the timing like morning tour will commence from early morning, evening tour will be for enjoying the sunset while doing adventure, overnight safari tour will give you full night experience of the desert but the dune bashing tour is only for adventure lover who love to glide on the sand.

So choose your package according to your timing and your tour preferences.

Of all the paths you take in life, make sure some of them are sandy.